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I’m Ray Briant

10X Digital Marketer
Internet Command System Creator
Entrepreneur and Inventor
Full Time Firefighter and Father of 4

Taking the chaos out of Internet Marketing


CEO of Think Big Websites, Inventor with two technology based utility patents, creator of the Internet Command System and member of the 10X Nation. Ray loves to help set your online business on fire.


Third generation Firefighter with over 30 years on the job, currently serving as a Battalion Chief in a busy South Florida Fire Department.  Ray loves to help people in his community.

Helping You Achieve Online Success

Learn how Ray transformed a system to fight a fire to a system to set your online business on fire.


Conduct a "Size Up" of your online business

Deploy the correct "tactics" to achieve your goals

Perform an "overhaul" of your strategy

Call in "Mutual Aid" when needed

Book Ray for a 15-minute presentation or podcast or an all-day seminar.

Your audience will learn:

Size Up

Conduct a 360 of your website insuring you are not missing any blind spots.



Know your strategy and set tactics in place to achieve each benchmark.


Analyze the efforts and discover the hot spots that exist in your data and take action.

Mutual Aid

Collaborate with those resources that will multiply your efforts and compress your time.

What is the Internet Command System?
Who is it for?

The Internet Command System was developed by Ray Briant, a 3rd generation Firefighter, and Entrepreneur.  The Internet Command System gets its name from a system of management common in the fire service called the Incident Command System. The fire service has been mitigating chaotic scenes since Benjamin Franklin was on the bucket brigade and Ray has developed a proprietary system to help Entrepreneurs and Businesses who are looking to better understand how to make the internet work for them.   



Ray has you covered even if you don’t know what a domain name is.  The Internet Command System is made for all levels and Ray’s ability to clearly explain the importance of understanding the basics will have even the beginner ready to start increasing their internet marketing.


This is where the Internet Command System really shines.  People with an intermediate skill set of internet marketing will immediately be able to put into practice the lessons taught during the presentation.  Action steps include selecting the best type of hosting and securing the best domain name(s) for your business, product or service.


Even if you consider yourself an SEO Expert with years of experience at researching keywords, optimizing your website and bringing leads to your inbox you will discover ways to improve your conversion ratios, increase results.


Ray’s Internet Command System presentation is optimized for 60 minutes.  However, the presentation can be abbreviated or extended to over the course of 1,2, or 3 days. 

The typical breakdown of a 60 minute presentation consists of:

5 Minutes – Introduction
15 Minutes – Size Up
15 Minutes – Tactics
15 Minutes – Overhaul
5 Minutes – Mutual Aid
5 Minutes – Q&A


Ray is still a full-time Firefighter and his schedule fills up quickly.  Please contact us for availability and we will respond as soon as possible.

About Me

Hello, my name is Ray Briant.  I am a full-time 3rd generation Firefighter who has been in the fire service for 30 years and I am also the CEO of Think Big Websites which is a digital marketing company in South Florida. 

My system is called the Internet Command System which is almost identical to the name of the system we use on the fire-ground called the Incident Command System.

This system has produced hundreds of leads for my clients, I have won social media contests including 1st class airfare and VIP tickets to an event by one of my Mentors, Danelle Delgado. 

I received 2K from Grant Cardone when I used my system to win multiple contests and my strategies and tactics can be used to help your online business succeed.

Ray is also an inaugural member and graduate of 10X Stages which certifies his ability to deliver on stage.  Ray currently lives and works in South Florida with his wife Dana and their four children Raymond, Kelly, Daniel and Michael.  



“Ray’s system generates leads for us seemingly on a daily basis.  Ray is very knowledgable and really takes the time to explain everything very clearly”

“Ray’s system generated more leads in 1 month than we previously had all year.  Ray is a professional and I highly recommend him”

“Whatever the cost I would recommend you buy the Internet Command System”

Need more information? No problem, click on the links to download a speaker kit.

Ray loves to help his audience understand all aspects of Internet Marketing.  Feel free to reach out to Ray and see why he is the perfect fit for your next meeting, podcast, conference or interview.

Ray is located in South Florida and due to his Fire Department schedule needs advance notice when possible.  Make sure to contact Ray well in advance.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. Set your online business on fire today!